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The suspension, among the engine or the transmission had been a fantastic addition to the car because it makes driving even on uneven surfaces incredibly smooth.

However, it usually gets less attention. However, the suspension may be prone to deterioration, especially if there are frequent instances of short-braking and driving on poor roads (filled with potholes). It might be carrying additional weight in the boot or on top.

Continuous exposure to such conditions will have an adverse effect on a car's suspension. However, the suspension system in a car will eventually wear out even if it isn't frequently subjected to such circumstances.

There are ways to prevent and learn about a worn suspension, but driving with one is still a serious threat. Here is a list of some symptoms that indicate a problematic suspension that may require repair.

Is your car drifting to one side?

Though a drifting car is not necessarily a sign of suspension issues, it might be a sign of misaligned wheels, bad steering, or even tyres.

However, it requires a thorough inspection to identify the cause. But it is equally dangerous to drive a car that is not under your control. Eliminate all the possibilities, and then work your way towards wherever the repair is due.

A low pressure tyre might be a less severe problem. However, an underinflated tyre is visible to the naked eye. Besides, you can consult with a mechanic to get the best opinion.

Next, the wheel alignment comes into play, as misaligned wheels always pull a vehicle to one side of the road while driving straight. Wheel alignment does not only get a vehicle drifted to one side, but it is also a major reason behind premature wear and tear of tyres. Get it checked or even a wheel alignment at the workshop of Service My Car.

Service My Car not only provides wheel alignment services but also provides car services like car battery replacement, car tinting, car oil change services, car ac repair, ​car detailing services etc. In case, you are looking for car garage to get the car detailing services, then we would like to recommend Service My Car, the best and trusted car workshop in the town.

If there is no issues such as improper tyre pressure or wheel misalignment, now look for the suspension problems. Your vehicle has developed damage to shock absorber or it might be a broken tie rod, control arm, etc.

You might feel your car pulling to one side as you round a corner, as if it might flip over. These might be signs of suspension failure.

Get your vehicle to a trusted workshop such as service My Car for a suspension repair.

Is it your car nose-diving?

A car should typically be able to handle hard braking without much difficulty, especially if the suspension is in good shape. Additionally, nose-diving, when applying sudden brakes is a sign that your vehicle's suspension needs immediate repair.

The weight of the vehicle shifts to the front as a result of motion, but this weight transfer should be normal under usual circumstances (when shock absorbers and struts are in good condition), but it may appear as your car is nose-diving.

When you attempt to accelerate the car, reverse happens when you unexpectedly feel like you are completely leaned back. Besides, you can notice a suspension issue even when your car is static, for example, resting in a garage. It usually sits low on the side where a shock absorber or strut is damaged.

Additionally, a car that makes a loud noise (especially clunking) every time it crosses a bump or takes a turn has developed a bad suspension. A weak or worn spring is broken entirely or cannot support the car's weight properly.

However, ignorance will definitely lead to more damage and even catastrophic events down the road. Service My Car helps you manage your car properly.'

Is your car throwing challenge while driving?

However, if your suspension is bad, you might find handling it difficult. But a car's steering problems could also cause a distraction while it's moving.

However, steering and suspension share some sort of connection, and a difficulty in handling highlights an issue with either steering or suspension. A vehicle is out of balance due to worn suspension or steering problems such as low power steering fluid, damaged control arm bushings, etc.

Additionally, you might hear some squealing or whining. Have a service centre visit with your vehicle so they can identify the issue.

Oil cover around the shock absorbers

The shocks and struts may start to leak once they sustain some sort of damage. It is quite possible that the fluid is leaking if they appear oily or greasy, which makes it impossible for them to work properly. Get your vehicle to Service My Car for a quick check-up.

Opt for a bounce test

You can take a suspension test to determine whether your suspension has any issues. It requires you to get out of the car and lean down on the hood with all your force. Try to push a few times and initiate some bounce.

Once it starts to bounce, just get away and look out for a result. If it bounces more than a couple of times, you need to get your car‘s suspension checked immediately.

Service My Car provides car maintenance to keep your vehicle running perfectly on the road. However, you just need to book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app.

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How to Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat: The Best Guide If you are curious to know "How to Impress a Girl on Instagram Chat," don’t’ worry! There are a ton of ways that you can follow to impress a girl on chat that you can try out. This section has provided ideas and directions for impressing the girl on Instagram. Just follow the guide here and act accordingly so that you can reach your destiny and be able to do whatever you are willing to do on chat to impress your crush.


In case you have just joined the elite club of owning a luxury car like an Audi, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, etc. You should keep up with taking good care of these automotive behemoths. Though these beasts offer luxury, they too have certain demands in terms of carrying forward the same service.

They are definitely capable of offering the smoothest rides while being dynamic. But, carelessness is something that can deter the luxury. Nonetheless, there are certain ways to upkeep your vehicle’s class while still expecting a certain level of service from it.

Keep an ear on your car


Usually, a car starts to make some sort of noise when there is an underlying issue. Though most luxury cars are equipped with sophisticated technology, it has become difficult to understand a problem by just hearing a sound.

Under normal circumstances, a car often produces squealing and grinding noises, but modern cars’ sound dampening features might keep things unknown to you. Therefore, it is necessary for you to turn off the sound dampening feature that is available in the car’s computer settings. Then, try to hear any unusual sound under the hood or from the suspension.

This might be a sign that your car needs work. As the car shifts gears, listen out for any strange noises or trembling in the steering wheel.

Service My Car facilitates the maintenance of your luxury vehicle without any hassle. Besides, you can avail a luxury car scanning and diagnostics here to learn about any existing and potential issue.

Be agile in maintaining your car tyres


Often overlooked, tyres are always at the receiving end whether they are cruising through the highway or crossing a tough terrain. They have to run whether it is extreme cold or scorching heat.

What does tyres needs to fight these tough conditions? Of course, first is proper inflation. Your car’s tyres need to be properly inflated neither too much nor too little. Therefore, you have to be agile to keep tyre pressure intact.

Next, there is always a possibility of tyres rotation to manage uneven wear and tear. Therefore, tyre maintenance is always going to be beneficial in long term and keeping your car’s luxury intact.

Service My Car is here for your tyre maintenance needs. You get tyre service including wheel alignment, tyre rotation, etc under one roof.

Never run your luxury car with old engine oil


Though every car needs proper lubrication to work properly and avoid unnecessary wear and tear, your luxury vehicle does need proper lubrication, and any ignorance would definitely result in performance deterioration.

Engine oil degrades in terms of lubrication over time, and it gets some sort of contamination. In these circumstances, engine would definitely lack in its efficiency and even sustain damage while hurting a critical component.

So delaying a car oil change is not a great approach. Essentially, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation properly. You can pay a visit to Service My Car for an expert’s opinion.

Keep your car’s batteries optimal

laptop keyboard keys

Battery is a way better than before, but much overloaded too. They are not just starting your car or powering the headlights. A number of accessories, computers, and sensors are dependent on the battery power, especially when the alternator is at rest.

As a result, a car's battery requires more consideration and care right now. Your battery's contact points need to be inspected to make sure corrosion isn't accumulating there as well as to ensure proper charging.

Even if the car's battery is in perfect condition, there could be a charging issue. Any electrical issue, such as alternator failure or a wiring problem, could cause you problems, sometimes very costly ones.

For a proper inspection, you should come to a Service My Car workshop. Here, you will get an expert assessment and a car battery replacement at a very reasonable price. You can search for a Mercedes Benz specialist near me on the web to opt for Mercedes Benz repair and service in Manchester at a reliable Mercedes Benz service centre.

Keep an eye on the car’s fluids


A car has fluids almost every nook and corner. Though, they do not get depleted quite easily unless the leaks make them reduced unnecessarily.

There is some specificity in fluids, as a number of models have distinctive fluid needs. Those with turbochargers usually need a different kind of oil because only engine oil does not work for them.

A mix-up is not going to work for your car’s luxurious offerings. However, these technologically sophisticated cars usually require expertise to deal with such problems. That’s why you need to come to Service My Car for professional remediation of a complex issue.

Opting for preventive management

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Usually, you expect a luxury car neat and clean at the interior along with shining exterior. It requires you and others who usually ride in the car to learn the basics of hygiene.

You should go for the floor mats or utilise the seat covers to avoid wear and tear. Besides, there is always an option of choosing the car detailing. Service My Car offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for your luxurious asset to keep it intact for a long time.

These are a few valuable tips to keep a luxury car intact forever. Service My Car is a credible place to make your smooth riding continue for an extended time. You can book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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Correct Your Driving If You Manifest Keeping Your Car Better For Longer Time

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Not everyone has the good fortune to own a car. However, those who take pride in owning a car may not be aware of the maintenance and attachments required to keep it in working order. In addition to regular maintenance, there are other precautions you should take to keep your car in good shape.

But these things are connected to specific driving behaviours. While these habits may not initially seem harmful, they eventually damage your car and force you to pay more for unnecessary repairs.

Here’s a list of points you should consider if you really like to care for your car and avoid unnecessary spending on extra repairs.

Driving on low fuel most of the time

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While some people fell prey to the enticement of thinking that driving on low fuel might save them some money, but it is entirely a false perception because running on low fuel is not good for the pump that circulates the fuel from the tank towards the engine. However, the pump needs to be covered with fuel for maximum efficiency.

This is not good for the machinery under the hood because it hurts the ignition system when you try to start your vehicle on very low fuel. This is not just making your fuel pump work harder but may also add some additional expense to your repair bills.

Therefore, it is better to avoid running on low fuel, otherwise you end up paying more when you are thinking of saving.

Pushing on the accelerator with a cold engine

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Though there is a misconception about pushing the accelerator to warm up the engine quickly, but, it is entirely incorrect, as you are damaging your car engine by revving up at the start or, particularly, when the engine is cold.

A cold engine usually has a shortage of engine oil or low lubrication, and when it runs at high RPMs, the wear and tear would be more than normal. If you have to deal with a cold engine, it is better to start the car and wait for some time to get it warmed up. It allows your vehicle’s engine to attain complete lubrication properly.

Rough driving and frequent hard braking

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Even while driving, the excitement to stay focused is quite prevalent. While running at high RPMs is permitted on highways, it is not advisable to do on city streets. Such driving places a great deal of stress on the transmission and drive train, but it also severely stresses the brakes.

To stop on a busy road after your car has gained high acceleration, you must apply the brakes firmly.

This implies that every time you accelerate and brake, you severely abuse your brake system's parts. To increase the lifespan of your car, it is better for you to accelerate and decelerate gradually. Else, you have to go for car brake pad replacement way before the stipulated time.

Get your car brakes repaired at Service My Cat at very competitive prices.

Using a shifting lever for resting your hand

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In the case of a manual transmission, a driver usually has to manage a lot of dynamics. But sometimes they develop the habit of resting their hand on the shifting lever. However, it enables shifting of gears but may increase wear and tear on the bushings and consequently premature damage to the transmission unit.

Make use of the shifting lever only when it is necessary. Try to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Instant shift from reverse to drive

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You cannot deny the shifting of gears while driving your vehicle. However, there is no problem when you shift gears while driving forward, but a car suffers most when you change the movement from reverse to drive.

When you change gears, specifically from reverse to drive, while the car is moving, the transmission and drive train receive some sort of sudden jolt. This is definitely going to damage your car.

Following this process is helpful in avoiding car transmission repair.

Avoid overloading your vehicle

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It is unfair to use your passenger car for the load. A vehicle's suspension, brakes, and—most importantly—engine would be under additional stress if it was carrying more weight than it is designed to.

A car will use more fuel when carrying more weight than usual, but it will also quickly wear down the tyres, especially if the wheels are not aligned properly. You will pay more for each additional unit of load.

Therefore, avoiding excess load and maintaining lightness is the best thing you can do to keep your vehicle in good condition for a long time. And do not avoid wheel alignment, come to Service My Car for a quick service.

Be mindful while driving downhill

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When travelling downhill, a car naturally accelerates, and the driver's natural response is to immediately press the signal to slow down. However, abruptly applying the brakes will hurt the rotors and brake pads because of the excessive heat.

So the best course of action is to downshift and let the engine run at its best speed. It enables your drive train to naturally decompress as you go downhill.

These habits, people pick up unconsciously and continue to drive with the same. You should be updated on these things if you wish to drive your vehicle better.

Besides, you can avail of Service My Car to keep your car in fine tune. Just book a car service or order a car repair quote online on our website or app.

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Die neue Woldecke Schurwolle - ist ein unverzichtbares Accessoire in jedem Landhaus und jeder Wohnung. Es ist warm, umweltfreundlich, preiswert und sehr dekorativ. Darüber hinaus haben Produkte aus natürlicher Wolle eine therapeutische Wirkung und helfen bei Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparats und chronischen Schmerzen. Eine Decke aus natürlicher Wolle ist ein gefärbtes rechteckiges Stück Stoff, das als Decke, Bettdecke oder Überwurf verwendet wird. Sie hält Ihr Kind an kalten Abenden warm, schützt Bettzeug und Polstermöbel vor Schmutz, Staub und Abnutzung, bietet Ihrem Kind eine Spielfläche auf kalten Böden und ist ideal für ein lustiges Picknick im Freien.

What word should define “radiator”? Of course! The defender! It perfectly defends the engine from heat so that it can work properly. A radiator, however, frequently goes unnoticed until a problem manifests. When a problem makes its job difficult, it shouts loudly.

There is a mechanism under the hood to manage excessive heat. It involves a radiator, thermostat, and pump to complete a cooling system. The fluid that circulates around the engine block to disperse heat requires a radiator to release the heat, which prevents overheating. When smoke is coming from the radiator, the radiator has failed to perform as intended, which has led to the vehicle overheating.

So it is necessary to learn about the potential issues with radiator. And, of course, prevent them before they become hazards.

Leaks make radiator less efficient

Leaks happen where there are hoses and liquid to circulate in them. However, a radiator can have a leak too.

As coolant starts to circulate from the radiator to the heated running engine and it absorbs heat before returning back to the radiator through same hoses. Therefore, hoses that carry the heated coolant are always under immense pressure and are prone to wear and tear.

Once one or more hoses sustain some sort of damage, there will always be a way for leakage. And, when leakage happens, the coolant goes short, and cooling of the heated engine is hampered. This leads to a car’s engine overheating.

When there is a coolant leak, you find green fluid under your vehicle. It smells kind of sweat. Sometimes, especially in the case of old cars, a radiator might leak due to a rusted body.

However, you can take preventive steps by availing yourself of an inspection of the entire cooling system and even the replacement of hoses during routine car maintenance. You can approach Service My Car for an expert’s assessment and an instant solution.

Rust does not behave well with radiators

Rust appears on the metal while paint fights against it. Have you ever seen rust appearing on a scratched metal sheet (one that has lost its paint cover)? In the case of cars, it is quite visible on the outer surfaces, but what about the metal components inside the vehicle?

When air, metal, and liquids meet, oxidation occurs, as does rust. All those ingredients are present in your radiator, which means rust is a real threat. If your radiator gets too rusted, it can end up with congestion or otherwise malfunction.

In case your car is showing severe signs of consistently running hot, it could have a rusted radiator. However, it is hard to find rust that appears inside the radiator. But, a brown-colour coolant is a definite sign of rust appearance. These types of incidents are most common in cold weather.

Blockage due to unnecessary deposit

The radiator requires a constant flow of coolant, but there would be blockage due to mineral deposits. Apart from mineral deposits, there could be other things that can block radiator.

This makes the radiator work harder to maintain flow, and most of the time, it fails to provide enough coolant to the engine. There would be heat all around. If there is no rust and any instance of leakage, just check for the mineral deposit.

However, a coolant flush might work to clean any deposit inside, including rust. Just visit your nearest Service My Car shop for a thorough inspection.

Clogged radiator fins do not allow the coolant to pass through

Everything is essential in a cooling system, even thin metal pipes or fins. They fit at the front of the car. The hot coolant is pushed into these fins so that cool air can pass through them and dissipate heat from the coolant.

This is the place where heat gets released from the coolant. Therefore, if these fins get clogged, there would be no space for air to circulate, and eventually there would be inefficient heat release.

A malfunctioning thermostat or failed water pump halts radiator functionality

A radiator needs the thermostat and water pump to get an engine cooled down. So there would be a correlated performance of the entire system to get things work. When the thermostat does not work properly, there is an improper supply of coolant to the radiator. Similarly, a failed water pump cannot pump the coolant into the system. In both conditions, there would be less cooling or a lack of cooling under the hood, and it would definitely get heated in no time. A radiator is not going to work with a malfunctioning thermostat or defective pump.

Can you expect your car to run without the engine? Of course not, so the engine also needs a radiator to remain cool. Any problem would definitely hurt the engine and other components under the hood. In case you own a Toyota car, and you are looking for Toyota engine repair then we would like to recommend Service My Car to get the best engine repair for your Toyota car in the town. Service My Car not only provide Toyota engine repair but also provide toyota service, toyota repair, toyota battery replacement and maintenance services.

Service My Car helps you keep your vehicle working in excellent condition, enabling prompt solutions for a number of problems. Do not delay your visit to one of the nearest workshops of Service My Car.

Or just book car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app.